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It is no exaggeration to say that there are no strangers to the Suvarnabhoomi (Infra Developers Pvt Ltd) Company in both the Telugu states. Their tag line "Thara Tharaalaku Cheragani Chirunama’ in Bala Subramanyam’s Voice will still reverberate in our ears whenever we hear about the company. While you already know about the company, you should also know about the man behind it.

Roots of the Founder

Sridhar Bollineni hails from a middle class family, settled in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. After his schooling in Nellore, Sridhar went to Chennai to pursue graduation and post graduation. After completing his education in 2001, Sridhar dropped his U.S. plans, in order to stay close to his family and joined Green Home real estate company which was owned by his cousin who was a very successful Real estate developer by then. During his five year Tenure employee in Green Home, Sridhar grasped all the Real estate techniques, marketing strategies and other required skills to manage a company. In 2007, Sridhar quit his job and floated a company on his own and named it as SuvarnaBhoomi which translates to ‘Land of Gold’.

Company Establishment and Development

The first project of the company was a small 11 acre land at Shadnagar in Hyderabad. Even though it was a small project, it turned out to be a huge success, This boosted the morale of the founder and helped him to take-up an 86 acre land for his next project which inaugurated by legendary ‘Telugu Film maker Shri, Vishwanath garu.

After the completion of second project there is no stopping for the on started working on 500 acre+ lands in multiple locations, At present day the company has multiple finished and ongoing ventures in multiple locations of Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam,Rajahmundry and tirupati.

Mr. Sridhar aim is to fulfill the dream of an own plot/house from middle class people perspective. Throughout his Rags to Riches journey in Real estate, d to keep the trust of his customers in every project. Inspite Sridhar managed of regular real estate hurdles and market fluctuations, he never failed to deliver on his promise. Due to this nature,the company was able to build a set of.

Kalatapasvi Viswanath and Bala Subrahmanyam as Ambassadors

After his first project, Sridhar approached Vishwanath garu and explained his vision for the company. Overwhelmed by Sridhar’s Approach in dealing with an Industry like this with no certainty, Vishwanath garu agreed to be the Brand Ambassador for the company. Sridhar confirmed in many platforms and interviews that gaining the legendary director's trust was the turning point for the company, as his reputation attracted many customers and built a strong trust among Telugu people towards the company. At 90 years of age, Vishwanath garu is still the brand ambassador of Suvarnabhoomi Infra Developers Pvt Ltd

The legendary singer Bala Subrahmanyam joined the following year (2008) as brand ambassador for the company. His addition helped the company to grow very rapidly across Telugu states. Till his demise in 2020, Bala Subramaniam continued as brand ambassador of the company.

Employment Generation

Sridhar Bollineni has generated over 5000 jobs through his companies, All of them are direct staff of his working in various sections of business. By 2025, the founder is planning to generate another 5000 jobs, making the tally to 10,000.

Sridhar’s advice to Youngsters in Real Estate field.

Sridhar Bollineni has been very vocal in advising youngsters who are new to Real Estate field. He always says that a youngster or a newcomer should always start slow with a small project, prove his caliper and should opt for a big one. Real Estate can be a very tough job for newcomer as it requires lot of skill real time experience. Patience and legal knowledge. A small project in the initial days will help new comers to understand the business and procedures in real time.


Everyone dreams to have their own house & Suvarnabhoomi Infra help you to make your dreams come true. Suvarnabhoomi Infra builds each property with a focus on quality, useful detailing & safeguards value for money. Our professionalism and expertise in delivering on-time projects right from the acquisition of land, engagement of architects and engineers, construction, and sales to post-sales service, has placed us in the leading edge in Hyderabad’s building and real estate development.


The vision of Suvarnabhoomi Infra is to work continuously towards developing an affordable, yet world-class benchmark for open plots, ventures, residential and commercial properties. Suvarnabhoomi Infra always aims to maintain ethical and substantial business practices. We deliver the best to our customers while lending new dimensions to the Indian housing development scene.


At Suvarnabhoomi Infra Developers, it is our mission to design, build & market HMDA and DTCP approved plots, residential and commercial properties of world class quality while ensuring the highest possible level of satisfaction to our valued customers.


Committed to Quality We follow strict policy and governance to deliver the highest quality which is not only limited to our projects but also in the services.

20+ Projects We are committed to provide a luxurious lifestyle for homeowners seeking to live in tranquillity which are results oriented experience for our customers.

Happy Clients We are committed to deliver our clients vision with the premier quality and finest value, with efficient and pleasurable means to elevate the gated community experience.

11 years of Experience We are leading in real estate industry over a decade of experience and committed to deliver the best in-class open and residential plots.


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